Being diametrically opposed on political issues, we try to avoid that topic. We were giggling like 8 year-old boys listening to fart sounds. It states that these are not for profit and the fees for the expeditions are direct costs. In the Main Chamber a very tall year old novice, Attila Kurukz, had died from chest injuries following the slippage of a large boulder. We mapped the new passage using various tools to take measurements of distance, direction, and inclination. It was in the last place we looked… Elias and Ender started bolting while we finished surveying.

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To cut a very long story short, there now followed some fourteen years of sometimes hectic and intense and sometimes sporadic digging by hundreds of cavers from across the planet resulting in a egg on the faces of the experts who said it would never go and b one of Mendip's finest stream caves. As we were shaking off the cobwebs in our head from a long road trip, and talking to Buddy Lane, we spy a familiar aqua-colored Feista rambling up the gravel drive. She has been caving in the Tatra Mountains. The formation room has a series of 10 column formations. Setthatirath waged wars, especially against the Burmese armies and against the Cambodians.

Station R: Caving

Steph Tent camping underground Elias Labaki us craved more. On Mendip, Wigmore continued to yield passage and a new dig at the aquaphobic Bowery Corner Swallet was started following abandonment by Pat Cronin's team - and never finished. The horde waits to rappel. We saw a handful of bats on the walls, but nothing like what we saw at the Drive In Cave. Another sunny day squandered in the cold wet darkness: we rigged Frayed Knot, which required some acrobatics to access the bomber new rebelay bolts. Refueled and rewarmed, we completed the survey. Jeff had been up and down this creek many times but had overlooked this entrance.
Old batteries and carbide dumps littered the depths of Eastwater and Swildon's along with boot soles and bits of flesh burnt off by alkali! We were now into both ladders and rope-walking and I had been lent a home made, supposedly self-stopping descender made in Frome by Glyn Bolt of the Wessex. By we were out of the cave. We opted to start with a manageable first-day task: get rid of The Rock at the top of Leaky Faucet. I was overawed by the hard men in the pub and was particularly wary of the rude and crude B. Each of us had a great time on this expedition for different reasons, but it was clear that we all enjoyed our time at Mammoth Entering the main entrance of Mammoth Cave on a NPS tour N. Eagle Scout Speleologists continued from page 19 have fun along the way.

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