Even the sexual act of masturbation can be acceptable within the context of marriage provided our spouse has agreed to allow the practice, and it furthers the love of the marriage. So maybe masturbation is not covered in this but the Lust part of it is. What a crock of hooey. But many others choose to and are able to do so clear of conscience, with a pure mind and a heart eagerly seeking the presence of God. I think we do need to strive to not be in bondage to anything but Christ.

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Is Masturbation Sin?

Leave me a comment in the box below. You should stop masturbating. One of my college Bible professors, an expert in both Hebrew and Greek, said the passage did not and that in his opinion no place in the Bible directly addressed the issue, and beyond that it was a matter of opinion. And just because a particular indulgence can become addictive, or may have negative consequences when carried to excess , does not mean it cannot also be healthy in some circumstances or for some people, when reasonably applied. Become your own researcher.

Is Masturbation Sin? | RELEVANT Magazine

What I do not like about this post is that, it some how forgets or ignores the fact that women have sexual desires too. Anyway, I am a believer, I am born-again Christian, single and I love masturbating. Sadness is also a danger: lust in my experience follows disgruntlement nearly always. God encouraged me through these verses that if I trusted and followed His instructions, He would deliver me from this addiction. So as I was recently reading through the Letters of C. Masturbation can be the "off limits" topic in the church, especially among men. Did you ever think about how people have left, relationships, family ties, friends, jobs and their everything to pursue a relationship with the only true and living God?
Instead of dealing with your problems in a healthy, Christ-centered way, you avoid them. The truth is, I waffle in my understanding of right and wrong frequently. Lusting after someone is NOT always the prelude to masturbation. I mean that I sometimes fell into it, grace or no. On the other hand, if we engage in a sexual act apart from marriage or in a way that hurts our spouse, we sin.

Christian struggle with masturbation

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